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AC Not Working? Try These 6 Troubleshooting Steps First


The end of summer is a serious “danger zone” for even the best air conditioning system. Professional maintenance in the spring will give your air conditioner the best chance of getting through the full season and into the early fall without major troubles. However, the strain from working for several months can still overwhelm an AC, no matter how well cared-for, and require you to call our team for AC repair in Conyers, GA.

But if your AC stops working, we recommend you go through several troubleshooting steps first before you contact us. A simple issue may be the source of the AC’s trouble, and you might be able to clear it up on your own. 

You can tackle these six steps in any order:

1. Check that the AC cabinet door is securely latched

Most modern HVAC systems have a safety precaution built into them that will prevent the AC, furnace, or blower from operating if the cabinet door is open. If the door isn’t properly latched or is loose, the AC won’t run. Try the door to make sure it’s completely closed.

2. Check the AC power switches

An air conditioning system has individual switches used to power it down for repairs, in case of emergencies, or during periods of non-operation like the winter. There are usually indoor and outdoor switches, both located near the equipment under plastic lids. Check to see if these switches have been accidentally turned off or become stuck.

3. See if a circuit breaker has tripped

The compressor or the fan motors in an air conditioning system can overload their circuits and cause the breakers in the electrical panel to trip, cutting off power to the AC. Open the electrical panel and see if the AC’s circuit breaker has tripped. If you reset the breaker, but the air conditioner continues to trip it after running for a short time, you’ll need to call professionals to look into possible electrical malfunctions. 

4. Check the air filter and change it if necessary

The air filter on the HVAC cabinet is what protects the interior of the AC and furnace from dust and debris infiltration. It takes from one to four months for this filter to become clogged and needs replacement with a fresh filter. A dirty filter can cause numerous problems for an air conditioner, including causing it to shut down from overheating or overloading. See if the filter is clogged and put in a new one if it is.

5. Clear the area around the condenser

If the outdoor condenser is blocked or obstructed because of branches, leaves, plant growth, grass, or mulch, it restricts the AC’s ability to expel heat from indoors. This can cause the system to overheat and shut down. Clear away the area around the condenser for approximately a foot on all sides.

6. Check the thermostat

If you have a thermostat that runs on batteries, it might have lost power and need the batteries replaced. If the thermostat appears to be completely unresponsive, then it’s best to call technicians to repair or replace it.

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