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It’s Almost Spring—Get on the Schedule for AC Maintenance!


Spring is a strange time of the year for HVAC contractors. We’re used to a steady stream of calls in winter and summer from customers who need fast service to restore their broken heater or AC. Then the mild weather of spring comes along, and most people will need neither HVAC system operating.

This doesn’t mean we don’t stay busy—just a different kind of busy. Many homeowners choose this time of year to have old air conditioning systems replaced or to make upgrades on their systems. If you aren’t looking for a new AC, there still is an important service you need to arrange with our technicians: a regular maintenance tune-up and inspection. 

“But I Had Maintenance Last Year!”

We’re glad you did. But maintenance isn’t an occasional service, one you’ll just need every couple of years. You’ll only receive the full benefits of maintenance if you have it done yearly. That’s not just our opinion: all the HVAC industry recommends annual AC maintenance. Trust our experience, we’ve seen what can go wrong with air conditioning systems when their maintenance is neglected.

The Many Benefits of Professional Maintenance

You can take several maintenance steps on your own: change the air filter (which you’ll need to do every few months), clean the outdoor cabinet, make sure all room vents are open and unblocked. But this only scratches the surface of maintenance. The rest of the steps, such as testing refrigerant pressure and lubricating motors, must remain in the hand of professional HVAC technicians like ours. When you have our team handling your AC maintenance, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Lower operating costs—maintenance helps to keep energy efficiency from declining.
  • Longer system life
  • Higher cooling capacity
  • Fewer repairs—more than 50% less
  • Reduced chance that the AC will abruptly break down
  • The equipment warranty will remain valid

The big picture for maintenance is that it:

  • Saves you money
  • Keeps your home reliably comfortable
  • Gives you peace of mind

Those are some major benefits—we couldn’t imagine going into a summer season without them. 

Our Energy Savings Agreement

Because we want you to have regular maintenance each year, we’ve put together a special maintenance program, the Energy Savings Agreement. When you join, you’ll receive Premier precision tune-ups each year for your air conditioning system as well as your heating system. (The benefits for the heating system are the same as for the AC.) You’ll enjoy special perks as a member that make the maintenance rewards even sweeter:

  • A 20% discount on repairs
  • No overtime charges
  • Priority customer status—jump to the front of the service queue
  • Inflation protection—your membership costs remains the same even with future increases
  • Transferable agreement if you sell your home

It’s a great time to have air conditioning maintenance in Conyers, GA done, so call us today to sign up for the Energy Savings Agreement and get on the schedule for an AC tune-up. We want to help your family enjoy a great, worry-free, cost-saving summer this year and every year. 

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