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Can I Add a Central AC to My House?


Not all homes in Atlanta were built when central air conditioning systems were common. For these homes, it might seem like having a new central AC installed is impossible. They’ll just have to do with clunky window air conditioning units.

But this isn’t necessarily true! Adding central air conditioning to a home is not as difficult as you might imagine, and there are several ways our technicians can provide your house with a central AC installation in Conyers, GA. You can pitch those ugly and inefficient window units into the recycling yard and enjoy great cooling throughout the rooms of your home.

Adding a Ducted AC System

We’re going to assume the reason you’re uncertain about getting a central AC added to your house is because your building was constructed without a network of ducts. If you already have ducts installed for a furnace, it’s straightforward for our technicians to put in a central air conditioner while making only modest changes to the rest of the ventilation system. 

If your house doesn’t have ducts, it’s possible for our installers to add them without having to tear apart large sections of the building and intrude too much into the living space. Most of the ductwork can be run through the attic, with downward branches put in spots such as the back of closets. Our technicians are familiar with duct replacement and other duct services and can find the most convenient method to install a central duct system that will work for both air conditioning and heating. 

But this might not be your most convenient path to central cooling… 

Adding a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Many owners of older homes have chosen ductless mini split heat pumps for both heating and cooling. As the name implies, these systems don’t use ductwork at all, and they’re flexible installations that work in a variety of situations. 

Ductless mini splits operate similarly to standard central air conditioners, except instead of having a single indoor unit that pushes air into ducts, the outdoor unit connects to a series of indoor air handlers located around the house. These mini air handlers are mounted up on the walls, often over windows, and contain a blower fan and a refrigerant coil. They send cooled air directly into the space. One outdoor unit can handle from 4 to 8 indoor units, enough to give your house the cooling coverage it needs.

Because ductless systems are heat pumps (although there are “cool only” options), they work as both air conditioning and heating systems—and they’re highly energy-efficiency compared to electric furnaces. Because they lack ducts, these systems experience far less heat loss and heat gain, and have the extra benefits of 1) never needing duct cleaning or duct repair, and 2) providing zone control cooling and heating so you can shut off units in rooms when they’re not needed without affecting the others.

We install the finest in ductless systems, and we can help you with other cooling solutions for your house. Talk to us today and we’ll find the best way to keep your family in cool comfort. 

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