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Can I Purchase a Used AC to Save Money? (No!)


This is a question we sometimes hear from customers: “Is it possible to purchase used (previously owned) air conditioning equipment as a way to save money?”

We understand why people might think this is an option. After all, you can purchase many items used and get good use out of them, such as cars, exercise equipment, furniture—and homes, of course! Why wouldn’t this be possible with an air conditioning system?

But the straightforward answer to this question is No. No HVAC professional recommends it, and you’ll find it difficult to locate a unit to purchase. When an air conditioning system gets replaced, the old unit is sent for recycling. When you need a new HVAC installation in Conyers, GA, you need a new AC!

What’s Wrong With a Used AC?

There are several reasons why people don’t purchase used air conditioning equipment. We’ll go over the most important ones here: 

  • No warranty: If you purchase a house with an air conditioning system already in it, the warranty transfers to you, the new owner. But when an air conditioning system is moved from one location to another, it automatically voids the warranty. Starting out with an AC that lacks a warranty is a huge risk, because you’ll easily lose any money you saved on getting a used system if anything goes wrong with it. You’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs or an early replacement that a warranty would’ve covered.
  • Outdated refrigerant: Older AC equipment might run on a type of refrigerant that was officially phased out in 2020: R22. You may end up with an air conditioning system that you can’t have repaired because it’s no longer legal to refill the refrigerant it uses.
  • Lifespan: A central air conditioning system will last for around 15 years before starting to suffer a major decline in its efficiency and run into malfunctions. Purchasing a used system doesn’t give you many years, and with the lack of new warranty you’re not likely to have the system around for long. It’s simply not a good investment.
  • Compatibility: Finding the right AC for a home is a big part of the installation process, because the new AC must be the correct size for the home and be compatible with existing components such as the blower and the ductwork. You don’t have much control over what you get with a used AC (considering you can even find one) and will probably end up with one that doesn’t meet your home’s needs and works inefficiently.
  • You’d have to install it yourself: Because of all the issues above, no licensed HVAC technicians will install a used air conditioner into your home. You’d have to purchase the unit and then install it on your own—and that will only make the situation even worse. Amateur installations are never a good idea. 

We hoped this has convinced you that a used air conditioning system is a bad idea from the start. There are many affordable options for new air conditioners that will work far better for far longer and end up saving you money in the long run. You can also look into financing options to help pay for a new air conditioner when it’s time to replace your old one. 

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