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Does a Dead Compressor Mean Your AC Is Beyond Repairs?


When it comes to major AC system repair in Covington, GA, a dead compressor is one of the biggest. The compressor is the literal heart of an air conditioner because it’s what makes refrigerant circulate to carry heat from inside the house to the outside. The compressor uses a powerful motor to run, and if the motor burns out, the compressor will fail. 

You may have heard the conventional wisdom that when a compressor dies, it means the end of the line for the entire AC. Replacing a compressor is expensive, which makes the prospect of replacing the entire system more attractive. 

But is it always true that a failed compressor means you have to replace your AC? Follow us below and we’ll answer that.

The Four Different Outcomes With a Failed Compressor

When you have a dead compressor in your air conditioning system, there are four different possible outcomes. You can replace only the compressor, replace the full condenser unit, replace the entire air conditioner, or replace the HVAC system. We’ll go through each one to help you understand which is the best for your situation.

1. Replace the compressor

The compressor is an expensive part to replace, which is why people often select other options when they have an old AC. But if your air conditioner is still young enough that the compressor is under warranty, you can replace just the compressor. After all, it’s a situation like this that a warranty is for!

2. Replace the condenser

The condenser is the entire outdoor unit that houses the compressor as well as the exhaust fan and condenser coil. The cost of replacing this is halfway between a compressor replacement and an AC replacement. However, this is rarely the best option to pick because you don’t get a new warranty on the system with only a condenser replacement. This is usually only an option because of budget restrictions.

3. Replace the air conditioner

We have to be a bit more specific about what “replace the air conditioner” means: this replaces the condenser along with the indoor evaporator coil, leaving other indoor components (such as the blower fan) in place. This is the most common option for when an old compressor that isn’t under warranty fails. The benefit of this replacement is that you’ll receive a new warranty and there won’t be a problem with a mismatch between the indoor and outdoor components.

4. Replace the HVAC system

This means a new AC, a new blower, a new air handler, and a new heating system. Everything new. This is the most expensive choice, but if the heater is getting old as well, it may be the right choice. You will save money on having the heater and AC replaced at the same time. You may also consider having a heat pump installed to take the place of both the AC and the heater.

We can help you make the right choice when it comes to your AC’s repair or replacement. We offer unparalleled service and value every time.

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