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Helping Your AC Help You Through a Heat Wave


The second half of this summer is a scorcher, and it’s going to keep up for a stretch. This is one of those times when you’ll most appreciate your central air conditioning system. It changes your home into a relaxing refuge from the heat. And the last thing you want to happen to it now is for it to suddenly fail. You can, of course, call our expert team for air conditioning repair in Loganville, GA, or elsewhere in our wide service area. We know you’d rather not have to do that because no one wants to be trapped in a boiling house for any length of time. 

We want to help you avoid an AC emergency and get your cooling system through the rest of the hot summer without problems. Below are some tips for giving your AC the help necessary for a worry-free remainder of the summer.

Schedule maintenance if you didn’t already this year

Regular maintenance is best done in spring. If you didn’t have it done this year, however, it’s not too late. Maintenance is the best service you can have for your air conditioning system because it prevents the majority of repairs, extends service life, decreases the chance of a breakdown, and improves energy efficiency.

An AC with regular maintenance is much better equipped for the worst of the heat. Call us to schedule it if you missed it in spring.

Keep the thermostat up higher

A common reaction to an extremely hot day is to drop the thermostat low to fight back the heat. But this is a bad move! You won’t get faster cooling from the AC, you’ll only make it run longer and place a lot more strain on it. This can cause the air conditioner to overheat and shut down.

We recommend you raise the thermostat as high as you find comfortable. Aim for 78°F or even higher. If you have ceiling fans, you can raise the thermostat by 4° from your normal setting and still enjoy the same cooling levels.

Stay on top of regular air filter changes

Leaving a clogged air filter in place on your AC is one of the easiest ways to force it to overwork. (It’ll raise your electric bills as well.) This filter needs to be changed every 1 to 3 months, and during intense heat we advise you check on it monthly to see if it’s already clogged. The clearer “breathing” your AC has, the better it will work for you.

Keep the condenser cleared and clean

The outdoor condenser cabinet of the air conditioning system is where the heat removed from your house gets exhausted. The condenser and its refrigerant coil need to be clean and the area around them free from obstructions to allow for easy heat exhaust, otherwise the air conditioner can easily overheat due to trapped heat. You can clean off the cabinet using a hose on low pressure. Clear the area around the condenser for about a foot in all directions, making sure plants haven’t grown too close to it.

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