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It’s already June, and even if the official first day of summer isn’t for another two weeks, the hot weather is already here—and plenty more is coming. We’re sure you are already running your home’s air conditioning system, and you’ll depend on it plenty during the season ahead. So—do you know if your AC is up to the challenge of the long hot summer?

There’s an easy way to see that your air conditioner is armored up for another season of heat, and that’s to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Conyers, GA with our team. Annual pre-season maintenance is the best method for ensuring your AC is reliable and energy-efficient, giving you few problems and fewer worries.

Why Professional AC Maintenance Is Beneficial

Any HVAC professional can tell you about the advantages of a pre-season tune-up and inspection for an air conditioning system. It’s not a luxury for an AC, it’s a necessity—at least if you want your AC to work the way it should and not cause your bills to spiral out of control. Here are only a few of the benefits of this annual service:

  • Reduced repair needs: The majority of repair calls an air conditioner may have during its service life can be prevented through maintenance. Inspections catch problems early, and cleanings and adjustments prevent other problems from starting up.
  • Extended service life: You want to get the most years as possible from your air conditioner before replacing it. Most ACs can last from 10 to 15 years … provided they’re maintained each year. Without maintenance, that number can drop to half.
  • Efficient performance: An AC that is allowed to deteriorate year after year will consume more electricity to run. On average, an air conditioner will lose 5% of its energy efficiency each year it goes without a maintenance visit from a professional. You don’t want to pay more to run your AC than you need to!
  • Reliable performance: Worrying that your air conditioner may fail on you during one of the hottest days is no fun at all. But that’s the risk you run when the air conditioner isn’t maintained. Thanks to professional inspections and tune-ups, you’ll have an AC at little danger of breaking down when you need it the most.
  • Warranty protection: The equipment warranty for an air conditioner may be voided unless it has annual professional maintenance.

We Offer Maintenance Through Our Energy Savings Agreement

We make AC maintenance easy—you only have to sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement, and we’ll take it from there. As a member, you’ll receive both annual AC maintenance and annual heating maintenance. You’ll also enjoy benefits such as discounts on repairs and priority customer service so you can jump to the front of the service queue. Plus, no overtime charges!

Call our offices today and we’ll help you enroll in the Energy Savings Agreement. Then we’ll set up your vital AC maintenance visit so you’ll have a great, worry-free summer of cooling.

Premier Heating & Air is South Metro Atlanta’s Choice! Call us today to sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement and get your AC tune-up for the season.

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