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Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repairs


The size of commercial facilities can sometimes make it difficult to detect early when there are problems with their HVAC systems. But early detection is critical if you want to avoid costly shutdowns of your business because of a failed air conditioner or heater. The sooner you call experts for help to investigate the HVAC units, diagnose problems, and fix them, the easier and less expensive the work will be—and you’ll head off a future indoor climate disaster.

Here are some of the most common signs of a commercial HVAC system that requires professional repairs:

Mysterious rising energy costs

As a business owner, you keep a close watch on your budget. If you start to see energy costs unexpectedly rising with no direct cause for it, it may indicate faulty HVAC equipment. A large portion of your operating expenses go toward this equipment, and although amounts will fluctuate through the year, they should form a stable pattern. Compare current bills with those from the same time in previous years to get a sense of whether you need to have HVAC technicians look into the issue.

Uneven heating or cooling

One of the strongest signs that part of the HVAC system is failing or has failed is when hot and cold spots start to appear throughout your facility. You’ll hear complaints from employees, clients, and tenants about this uneven heating and cooling, and they deserve to have professionals scrutinize the system to resolve the problem. 

Bad odors from the vents

Malfunctioning HVAC equipment sometimes creates burning or moldy odors, and these odors can travel down through the vents and into your workspace. Moldy odors are a common problem with air conditioning systems, while acrid odors can occur with any HVAC equipment that uses motors.

Noisier operation

Noisy operation is one of the major warning signs that an HVAC system needs repairs. Because most commercial HVAC systems are located on the roof, it’s not easy to hear the sounds they make. But in small facilities, it might be possible to detect louder sounds coming from the equipment, and these sounds can also echo down the ventilation system. Rattling, grinding, shrieking, and clanging are the sounds made by a commercial HVAC system in distress.

Humidity changes

Proper ventilation and air circulation are critical for maintaining balanced humidity inside a building, so if you detect a rise or fall in normal humidity levels, it likely comes from the HVAC equipment.

Call the pros!

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of turning to commercial experts when you need to have commercial HVAC repair in Covington, GA. We know that you’ll feel tempted to turn to a building “handyperson” to look into the problem, but commercial HVAC systems are large, complex, and require a combination of specialized training and specialized tools to repair. Amateur work not only threatens equipment, but it can also void its warranty—and that can mean enormous costs in the future.

When you think you need commercial HVAC repairs, call on our experienced team to take on the job. We have EPA-certified technicians, and we back up all our installations with a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

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