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Spring’s Almost Here—Time to Get Your AC Prepped for Warmer Weather


Are you getting excited about the warmer weather ahead, maybe even feeling anxious for your summer plans to start? We are too, although we’re also here to watch out for the hot-weather needs of our customers. During spring we get busy with one of the most important parts of our job: maintaining our customers’ valuable air conditioning equipment. The inspections and tune-ups we do during maintenance do marvels when it comes to ensuring quality cooling at lower costs.

You may not be sold on having AC maintenance done. We want to reassure you of the importance and benefits of having a tune-up done every year, with spring as the prime season for it. 

Maintenance helps you get the most years from your AC

The life expectancy of an air conditioner, according to manufacturers, is between 10 to 15 years. There’s a caveat that goes with the estimate, however, which is that an AC must have maintenance to last that long. Without maintenance, your system’s life expectancy will drop. An air conditioner that never gets maintenance may fail as early as 5 to 8 years, half the manufacturer’s service life estimate. This makes maintenance a critical investment that helps you get the most from your original purchase of your air conditioning system

Maintenance makes running your AC cost less

The compressor of an air conditioning system consumes more electricity than almost any appliance in a home (with the exception of an electric water heater if you have one). This is why you see your electrical bills start to rise during the summer. Maintenance helps stop those bills from rising too high!

The tasks done during maintenance prevent an air conditioner from an annual loss of approximately 5% of its efficiency each year. With maintenance, an air conditioner will only lose 5% of its efficiency during most of its service life.

Maintenance keeps the repair people away

No, we don’t take offense at this! We want our customers to enjoy uninterrupted air conditioning performance so they don’t have to keep calling us to fix a faulty system. The best way to keep our technicians from making too many repair calls is to keep up with maintenance. The majority of repairs an AC may need over its service life are due to a lack of maintenance—so with maintenance, you can banish more than half of those future repair calls.

Maintenance gives you peace of mind

You don’t want your air conditioning system to fail on you during the hottest summer day. Unfortunately, the strain placed on an AC during those hot days can cause them to fail—and it’s far more likely to happen if the air conditioner hasn’t had maintenance. Think of maintenance as “armoring” your air conditioner so it can stand whatever sling and arrows of outrageous heat summer hurls at it. Then you can relax and enjoy the season in comfort with few worries.

Call us today to schedule air conditioning maintenance in McDonough, GA or elsewhere in South Metro Atlanta.

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