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The Ways That Ignoring AC Repairs Can Cost You!


It’s almost the end of summer and you soon won’t have to rely on your air conditioner as much. (Although the summer heat can linger well into October here in Georgia.) This doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and ignore signs you’ve got a faulty unit that needs AC repair in Conyers, GA. Quite the opposite. Neglecting air conditioning repair needs can cost you plenty, and we don’t just mean in terms of money.

Below we’ll look at the different ways that ignoring AC repairs can do damage to your pocket book, your family’s comfort, and even the environment.

1. Lower efficiency means higher electric bills

Did you know that your air conditioner is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in your house? Unless you have an electric water heater, it probably is the indoor appliance that uses the most electricity—around 3,500 watts per hour. (For a comparison, using only the AC fan consumes a piddling 750 watts per hour.) When an air conditioner malfunctions because of problems like refrigerant leaks, dying motors, or electrical problems, the whole system must work harder. You’ll see the difference in steeper electrical bills.

2. Repairs get more expensive

When you first sense something is amiss with your AC, the problem may be small and an easy one to address. If you let the problem continue, it will almost certainly worsen and start to affect other components. For example, a refrigerant leak that continues will eventually put the compressor at risk of failing. It’s far more expensive to repair a compressor than to fix only a refrigerant leak. When you get repairs done right away, you’ll avoid an expensive domino effect of bigger and badder repairs.

3. The air conditioner needs an earlier replacement

You want your AC to last for as many years as possible to return your original investment in it. With regular maintenance and prompt repairs, you can expect your AC to last for 15 years. But notice that prompt repairs part. Allowing a malfunction to continue increases strain on the unit, and this not only raises your electrical bills, it lowers the service life of the unit. You may end up replacing the air conditioner years too early, and there’s no more expensive “repair” than that.

4. Poor comfort

Ignoring air conditioning repairs can also make you pay in sweat! A small problem may not have an immediate effect on the performance of an air conditioner, but as the problem gets worse or affects other components, the AC may start losing its cooling capacity. This not only leads to a hotter house, it increases humidity levels, creating all-around indoor misery. Don’t let the AC get to that point, especially with the possibility of heat waves that can create more than comfort issues—they’ll create health issues as well.

5. Harming the environment

Neglecting AC repairs not only affects your energy bills and comfort, it also has a negative impact on the environment. A less efficient AC unit consumes more electricity, which contributes to higher greenhouse gas emissions. When you keep your AC system in good working condition, you’re being environmentally responsible and reducing your carbon footprint. That’s good for everybody, not just your home.

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