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Watch for Early AC Warning Signs in Spring


We’re already getting days with temperatures in the 80s, and that’s impressive for early spring! We can expect to have quite a hot summer coming our way.

This is probably the first time you’ve run your air conditioning system in several months. As we get ready to settle into the warmer weather, we recommend you pay close attention to your air conditioner and look for any possible early warning signs that it isn’t working right.

The sooner you can arrange for the necessary air conditioning repair in Conyers, GA, the more time you’ll have to enjoy a working AC this summer.

Let’s look over some of these signs.

Odd odors from the vents

When your air conditioning system comes on for the first time of the year, you’ll probably detect a dusty odor coming from it. This is normal—there’s some dust in the ventilation system from the past few months getting blown out into the air, and the odor will soon go away.

However, if you notice a moldy odor, it’s something to look into, as it might mean mold has started to grow in the HVAC system. If you notice a burning smell, it may be that the motors in the AC are burning out.

Low airflow from the vents

Does the airflow from the air conditioner just not feel powerful enough? Make sure to check the air filter for the air conditioner, as it may be clogged. (We always recommend changing it out before using the AC for the first time.) If that’s not the problem, there may be something wrong with the blower fan motor. You’ll want to have technicians examine it for repair needs.

Loud sounds

If you’ve had this air conditioner for a few years already, you’re used to the sounds it makes when it runs: quiet humming and whirring. If you detect louder sounds, or the AC is making a racket in general, it’s rarely positive. It could indicate mechanical problems, electrical problems, or even leaking refrigerant. Repair pros can find out what’s wrong and correct it.

Uneven cooling

The center of your house is getting the right level of cool comfort. But some of the rooms feel hotter than they should be. This uneven cooling is often an early warning that the AC is losing its cooling capacity. There are many possible reasons for this, and it takes an experienced professional to accurately diagnose the trouble and then get it fixed.

Short cycles

The AC should run for cooling cycles of around 15 minutes, sometimes more, before cycling back down. If the AC is turning on and off more rapidly with cycles of less than 10 minutes, there’s probably something wrong.

The problem could be as simple as a clogged air filter or miscalibrated thermostat, or as complex as refrigerant leaks. Technicians will help you find out what’s wrong and have it repaired.

A reminder: If you haven’t scheduled air conditioning maintenance yet with us, do this ASAP. It’s the best way to head off later air conditioning problems during the summer.

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