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Why Your AC May Be Having Trouble With the Late Summer Heat


The heat of summer rarely lets up in September. It often gets even more intense. You may have noticed that your air conditioning system, after encountering few troubles making your house a cool oasis, has started to struggle with comfort. For example… 

  • Some rooms are hotter than others
  • You’re pushing the thermostat setting lower than usual
  • The AC is staying on longer 

These are all signs of an air conditioner having trouble keeping up with the heat. Because an AC is sized to provide a house with the comfort level its occupants need, this failure indicates something is wrong with the air conditioner. We’ll look closer at what may be happening.

Late summer is often a high-risk zone for an air conditioner

In general, air conditioning systems run into the most malfunctions at the end of the summer. This is not just because of the heat, but the cumulative effect of all the work an air conditioner has already done. Professional maintenance in spring helps an air conditioner get off to a good start, but any AC can wear down after four or five months of steady use. It pays to watch carefully for signs of air conditioning trouble at this time of year.

The AC has a clogged filter

This is one of the most common reasons for an air conditioner to lose its cooling power at the end of the season. The good news is that it’s an easy problem to fix. The air filter for an AC needs to be replaced for a clean one every one to three months. If you’ve left the same filter in place for the entire summer, it will be so clogged by now that it will cut off airflow and lower the amount of cooling reaching the rooms. Put in a new filter to see if this remedies the problem. 

The AC’s motors are wearing down

The air conditioner’s various motors wear down the fastest of any part. After a long summer, they may have lost lubrication or picked up dust and dirt that’s making them inefficient. This also puts them at risk of burning out, requiring an expensive repair. 

The condenser is dirty or blocked

The outdoor condenser cabinet needs to be clean and unobstructed for the air conditioner to release heat from inside the house. Check to see that the cabinet has a clearance of a foot on all sides, and wash it down with a hose on low pressure if the cabinet is dirty. 

The AC may be too old

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, or especially if it’s more than 15, this decline in cooling capacity at summer’s end often means the system is too old to keep around. No AC can last forever, and 15 years is the standard ceiling for most—it’s the point where age and wear finally overcome it, and continued repairs won’t do much. We strongly advise arranging for an air conditioning replacement if you have a faulty AC that’s more than 10 years old. 

If you need fast AC repair in Mcdonough, GA to get your AC back in shape for the final heatwaves of summer, just call us!

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