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How Your Ductwork Could Be Costing You Money

Monday, October 25th, 2021

What is the condition of your home’s ductwork? You probably don’t have an answer to this question because you can’t see most of the ducts in the house. They’re hidden in walls, ceilings, and the attic. That makes it easy to not think about the ducts much at all, as if they won’t change over the years.

But ducts can suffer damage, sag with age, and have troubles due to poor installation. This can lead to the ducts having air leaks. These air leaks are how your ducts could become costly for you—seemingly small problems that turn into energy thieves. This isn’t a rare occurrence, either. Many homes unknowingly have leaky air ducts for years and don’t realize they’re paying more to heat or cool their homes than they should.

We want to help you stop leaky ducts from gobbling up money. Below we’ll look into the trouble with leaky ducts, how to detect them, and what to do about them.

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Humidity Is Bad News in Summer for More Than One Reason

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Although we’re used to thinking of humidity as an all-around negative, that’s not true. In fact, during a cool winter day, a rise in humidity takes the edge off the colder temperatures and makes it easier to stay warm. Humidity also keeps skin moisturized and prevents dried-out sinuses.

But these are all winter issues, and we’re now at the end of spring, with temperatures and humidity on the rise. Nobody likes high humidity in the summer! 

You can’t do much about high humidity levels outdoors, but there are solutions to help inside your home. Central AC repairs in Conyers, GA from our technicians can help an air conditioner get better control over humid conditions, and we also offer installation of powerful whole-house dehumidifiers that allow you to balance humidity at the perfect spot between too humid and too dry. 

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When Should I Schedule Duct Testing?

Monday, March 29th, 2021

Right now!

Okay, maybe we jumped the gun there—but we usually find that when people wonder if they need to have some service done on their ductwork, they need to have duct testing. In other words, if you think something is wrong with your ducts, something probably is. 

We can give you a more detailed breakdown on when to schedule duct testing and why. Just follow us below.

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Fresh Air in Winter, Without the Cold? There’s a Way…

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Fresh air is good. We all know this because we were told this since we were children. But it’s harder to get fresh air into a house today than it used to be. Modern homes are built “tight” to increase energy efficiency: less heat gained in hot weather, less heat lost in cold weather. But this tightness traps air indoors and keeps out a fresh breeze that can sweep away the stale, sometimes muggy indoor air. 

If you want fresh air in your house, what can you do? Opening the windows is the obvious way—but right now it’s winter. You don’t want to let the chill outdoor temperatures into the house, which will force the heater to work longer to warm the rooms up again. 

So are you simply stuck during the winter with a closed-up house? No, there’s a workaround. Actually, an installation. It’s called an energy recovery ventilator and it can make a huge difference for your indoor air quality and energy savings.

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Your Ducts May Need to Be Sealed Before Winter

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Have you prepared your home heating system for winter? It’s not difficult to do—you only have to call a McDonough, GA, HVAC contractor to arrange for heating maintenance. We recently wrote about our excellent HVAC maintenance program and its benefits. It’s the best place to start for better and more energy-efficient comfort for your home this coming winter. 

This isn’t the only task your friendly local HVAC contractor can help you with for winter preparations. You may not realize it, but the ductwork in your house might have holes and gaps letting air escape from them. Leaky air ducts are a major problem for any home, but professionals can fix them with duct sealing services. If your house has leaky air ducts, we strongly recommend you schedule duct sealing before winter weather arrives.

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