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Is a Heat Pump a Good Option for Your Home?


If you know about heat pumps, you probably know that they work as both heating and cooling systems. That sounds like a terrific advantage for a home: having all the comfort needs for the year contained in a single package rather than using a separate air conditioner and furnace. But if heat pumps were always the best choice, they would be in every home by now.

The truth is that—as with so many other home installations—there is no single right unit for all situations. A heat pump may be the perfect new system to install in your home this fall as you prepare for the change in seasons. Or there may be other options that would work better in terms of capacity and efficiency. We’ll look deeper into the question of “to heat pump or not to heat pump.”

The Heat Pump Basics

Understanding how a heat pump works is straightforward if you know how an air conditioner works. An AC removes heat from inside a home by evaporating cold refrigerant along the indoor coils, and this heat is then exhausted outside by condensing hot refrigerant in the outdoor coils. A heat pump operates the same way—except it can change the direction the refrigerant flows, which causes the coils to swap functions. In heating mode, the heat pump evaporates refrigerant outdoors to transport heat to be released through condensation indoors.

When a Heat Pump Is a Good Choice

The first thing to know about selecting a heat pump is that it must be used in both modes for it to be worth purchasing. Heat pumps cost more than standalone ACs or furnaces, so to make the best use of one, it has to be replace both your air conditioner and heater. If both your AC and furnace are close to the same age (often the case), a heat pump is an excellent choice because you can have both removed and swapped for the heat pump—a cost-effective solution and an easier installation.

Heat pumps have special advantages for homes without natural gas. Compared to an electric furnace, a heat pump uses much less electricity. An electric furnace must use large amounts of electricity to heat up its heating elements, but a heat pump only uses electricity to move heat from one place to the other. You can see significant savings on your energy bills when a heat pump replaces an electric furnace.

When a Heat Pump Isn’t a Good Choice

Only replacing the AC or the heater? Then a heat pump is too expensive, and half of its usefulness will go to waste.

If you use natural gas to power your heating system (i.e. a furnace), then you’re better off sticking with the gas furnace. This is a powerful way to heat a home, and natural gas costs are lower than electricity costs.

If you want an expert opinion on a heat pump in Conyers, GA, we’re the people to call. We can help you make the choice for the ideal new HVAC system for your house.

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