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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning?


If you look around at our air conditioning services for Conyers, GA the rest of South Metro Atlanta, you’ll see ductless systems. Also called a ductless mini split heat pump, this is a type of HVAC installation that, well, does what the name says: it works at providing comfort without the need for ducts.

The standard for central AC for decades has been a split system air conditioner that attaches to a ventilation network of ducts that travels between walls and through the attic to reach the rooms. Ductless systems can deliver comfort around a house without a single foot of ductwork.

How Does That Work?

Instead of using a single indoor air handler and refrigerant coil that sends air into ducts, a ductless system uses multiple smaller indoor air handlers and coils and places them in rooms throughout the house. That way, the conditioned air gets blown directly into the room and doesn’t have to go on a journey through ductwork first.

Each of the small units (the “mini” part of “mini splits”) is mounted on the wall and connects through the back of the wall to the outdoor unit, which looks like the standard outdoor condenser for a heat pump or AC.

What Are the Reasons to Choose a Ductless Installation?

Before we go further, we want to mention that a ductless mini split system is not perfect for all homes. They are useful as whole-house solutions for specific cases, and they can be used as additional systems for homes that already have ductwork but have places where a ductless system can help. If you get excited at the possibilities of the benefits listed below, make sure you call for HVAC technicians first to see if your house is suited for ductless:

  • Cooling and Heating: Although there are some “air conditioning only” ductless systems, most are types of heat pumps that can switch between heating and cooling modes.
  • Flexibility for Older Homes: Ductless mini splits are game-changers for older homes built before central heating and cooling was common. For homes that don’t have any ductwork, installing a ductless system provides convenient cooling for the house without needing to rip apart walls and renovate the home to put in ducts. It’s a fast, effective way to enjoy whole-house comfort.
  • Energy Efficiency: Standard ductwork gains and loses heat, which reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system. Ductless mini splits have no ducts that can gain or lose heat, making them more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Zone Control: The individual mini splits can operate separately, so only the ones in occupied rooms need to run. This is another way ductless systems can save energy—you don’t need to have the whole system running when only parts of the house need cooling or heating.
  • Easy for Remodeling: Want to add on a room to your house or convert the garage or attic to a living space? You can use a ductless mini split for the new area without having to interfere with the rest of the HVAC system.

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