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Always Adjusting the Thermostat? You May Need Heating Help!


Do you know how best to set the thermostat in your house for both comfort and energy efficiency in winter? It isn’t difficult to learn. You only need to remember two things: 1) keep it set at a steady temperature during the day and a lower temperature at night, 2) aim to make the daytime temperature around 68°F. 

If you follow these basic guidelines, you should enjoy a warm house without needing to touch the thermostat except to make the adjustment between day and night or before leave the house. And if you have a programmable or smart thermostat, you won’t even need to do that much!

The Fussy Thermostat

If you’ve recently discovered that you have to fiddle with the thermostat throughout the day to stay comfortable, something is not right. You push the setting up, then it gets too hot, so you lower it, but it gets too cold. You can’t find a regular, steady setting.

Please don’t keep doing this and accept it as “the way things are”! Neither the thermostat nor your heating system are supposed to work this way. You likely need to call our technicians for heating repair in Conyers, GA.

What Might Be Happening

So what is going on that has forced you to make the thermostat to do jumping jacks just so the family doesn’t have to wear snowboarding gear to stay warm? There are several possibilities…

One is that the thermostat is broken. A thermostat has a sensor that registers the temperature of the house. If the thermostat is located close to the center of the home (which is where professionals know to place it) it will get a good general read on the house’s indoor temperature. If the sensor malfunctions and the thermostat become miscalibrated, it will pick up incorrect readings, making it difficult for you to find the setting you desire. This forces the heater to turn on and off too often and waste money. The thermostat might also have a bad connection to the heater so it’s signaling it to either turn off too early or stay on for too long. We can repair the thermostat or replace it, depending on what’s best.

The problem may be in the heating system. There are several reasons why the heating system may not deliver on what the thermostat promises, or over deliver. A clogged air filter is a common cause of trouble (we always recommend checking on the filter when problems arise), as are problems with the blower motor. Leaking air ducts will also throw off the heater’s performance and make it difficult to heat the house to your satisfaction.

Finally, if the heating system is 15-years-old or older, this sort of malfunction is often a warning that the heater is reaching the end of its service life. Uneven heating is an early sign of trouble, and if you’re adjusting the thermostat regularly to try to overcome it, you may need to let the heater go. You can trust our technicians to give you honest answers about your heating system’s future when we come to examine it.

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