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Ductless Systems Are Great for Heating Too


Have you thought about installing ductless HVAC in Conyers, GA? A ductless mini split heat pump is a great system for anyone who wants to enjoy comfort in a home that doesn’t have the space for standard central ducted systems, as they also work for homes with difficult spots to properly keep comfortable. We’re big proponents of the benefits of ductless here at Conyers!

There’s something we want to emphasize about ductless systems that doesn’t get as much attention, but which deserves it: the heating capabilities of ductless mini splits. You often hear a discussion of ductless cooling systems and ductless air conditioning. The truth is that most ductless mini split systems are heat pumps—and that means they are both cooling and heating systems. When you have a ductless mini split heat pump installed, you’ll have two comfort issues taken care of.

The Heating Benefit of Ductless

If you’re familiar with the operation of heat pumps, then you already know how the heating from a ductless system works. For those who aren’t as knowledgeable about heat pumps, here’s what you have to know:

A heat pump is basically an air conditioning system that can reverse the direction it works so that it can move heat into the house from the outside as well as move heat from inside to the outside. All that it has to do is activate a component called the reversing valve to alter the direction that refrigerant flows through the system. In all other ways, it works identically when in heating or cooling mode.

A ductless mini split heat pump works just like a standard central heat pump except it has multiple indoor units with their own refrigerant coils to send heated or cooled air into a room. All the heat pump benefits apply, along with all the additional benefits of a ductless system. 

The Heat Pump Benefits

Heat pumps are excellent choices for winter time comfort in our climate because heat pumps don’t struggle to extract heat from the outdoors even on our coldest days. Since sub-zero temperatures are rare, the heat pump won’t need additional heating assistance to remain energy efficient. And the energy efficiency benefits are great compared to using an electric furnace. A heat pump uses much less electrical power to run than an electrical furnace, so if you swap out an old electric furnace-AC combo for a heat pump, you’re already ahead.

Plus the Ductless Benefits

Ductless systems add more advantages to saving energy, since they don’t lose or gain heat through ductwork, use smaller motors, and are zone controlled so only the units that need to run for comfort have to run. If you’re currently considering a ductless installation, you have many benefits to count up, and we hope you’ll see the great advantages for your heating as well, which is something people often don’t focus on when making the decision.

As with any HVAC install, always work with licensed professionals. We’ll see that you end up with the right type of system and help decide if ductless is the right choice for you. 

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