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Help, My Furnace Isn’t Turning On!


We can certainly help you if you’ve got trouble with your furnace. It’s our job, after all, and we guarantee same-day service: “Service today, or you don’t pay!” When it comes to any type of heating repairs in Conyers, GA and the surrounding areas, you only have to get in touch with us and then relax knowing the best people will soon be on the job.

But we want to go a little further into why your furnace isn’t coming on. There may be a simple explanation, and we want to help you sort through a few of those possibilities—as well as look at the more serious cases where you’ll definitely need our professional assistance!

Thermostat issues

We recommend you always check the thermostat settings when you have a furnace that won’t heat the house. Yes, it sounds basic, but sometimes the basic solution is the easiest to overlook. If changing the settings doesn’t get the furnace to work, the issue could also be that the thermostat has lost its connection to the furnace and isn’t telling it to turn on. This will need professional repairs to correct.

Tripped circuit breaker

If you have a gas furnace, you might think that it doesn’t need electricity to run. But it does! Most furnaces use electronic ignition systems now, and all furnaces have an electrically powered blower motor and control board. Check the electrical panel for the house to see if the furnace’s breaker has tripped and reset it if it is. If the breaker trips multiple times, let our technicians find out what’s wrong. 

Clogged air filter

The clogged air filter is the bane of a furnace’s operation: it causes numerous problems, including the furnace not coming on at all. If the furnace’s filter is clogged, put in a clean one and see if this fixes things. (Even if it doesn’t, you needed to change the filter anyway.)

Failed electronic ignition system

As we mentioned above, most modern furnaces use an electronic ignition system to light the burners. These replaced the old standing pilot lights. These igniters work similarly to lightbulbs in that they heat up filaments with electrical current to create the energy to light the burners. And, like a lightbulb, they can fail and need to be replaced. You’ll want professionals to handle this service. 

Gas flow problems

The furnace may not be turning on because gas isn’t reaching the burners. This may be due to a blocked gas line or broken gas valves, or it may be a faulty safety precaution is preventing gas flow. Whatever the reason, working with gas lines of any kind is hazardous for people who aren’t trained for it, so this is where you’ll especially appreciate professional service. 

Broken control board

The control board is the central switching station and “brain” of the furnace, containing the circuits and relays that ensure the furnace components operate in conjunction. The control board can have dirty relays, loose wires, or burnt-out parts that will cause furnace failure. 

If you are unsure why your furnace isn’t working, trust that our experts will find the source of the problem and have your house warm once more.

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