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How to Tell You Need a Mid-Winter Furnace Replacement


Nobody wants to replace a home heating system in the middle of the winter. It’s inconvenient and can leave you without heating for a stretch. But sometimes it’s necessary. 

The best way to avoid an emergency furnace replacement in McDonough, GA is always to have maintenance scheduled for the furnace in the fall. This helps the furnace get through the winter with few problems, and it also gives technicians a chance to warn you about having a failing furnace replaced before the winter arrives. 

However, you may still run into a mid-season replacement situation. It’s not fun, but our team will see that it gets done fast so you’ll have your comfortable home restored. Below are ways to tell it’s time to get a new furnace mid-winter.

The furnace is over its estimated service life

We don’t recommend trying to push a furnace to work for as long as possible. We understand wanting to get the most years from your heating system that you can—it’s a major investment!—but you want to get ahead of a catastrophic furnace breakdown. If you have a gas furnace over 15 years old or an electric furnace over 20 years old, it’s at the point where it’s ready for a replacement. That may not mean a mid-winter replacement unless the other signs below are cropping up. 

The furnace is making an extreme racket

You shouldn’t hear much noise from your furnace aside from the whir of the blower fan and the noise of the burners igniting. These sounds are just part of the background noise of winter. When the furnace starts making enough noise that it’s noticeable, it’s likely too worn down to keep.

Your heating bills are far too high

When a furnace receives regular annual maintenance, it will retain 95% of its efficiency rating until the last one or two years of its life. So when you see that your winter heating bills have started to rise without any explanation, it may be that the heater is coming to the end of its service life.

The furnace needs an expensive repair

You call for an HVAC technician to come to repair your furnace, possibly because of noise or high heating bills. The technicians will give you a quote for the repair. If the cost is too high to justify, then it’s best to replace the furnace. 

What’s too high? One rule of thumb is not to pay for a repair that’s more than half the cost of getting a new furnace. Another is to multiply the repair cost by the age of the furnace, and if the result is more than 5,000, the repair isn’t worth it. Our technicians can help you with making the best choice about how to proceed. 

You had a recent safety concern with the furnace

If you had an incident where gas leaks from the furnace triggered your CO detectors, the furnace experienced flame roll-out (flames escaping the combustion chamber), or the furnace overheated, then it’s definitely wise to consider getting a new furnace if it’s old enough. 

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