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Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan—It’s Almost Time for Heating Maintenance


It’s still summer, the weather is still warm. But with fall around the corner, it’s already time for you to think about your regular heating maintenance in Conyers, GA to prep your central heating system for the rest of the year.

And there’s an easy way to do that: sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement! This isn’t just an investment in your heating, but for your air conditioning as well, so there’s no such thing as a bad time to enroll. But right now is one of the ­best times, since it’s almost time to schedule heating maintenance.

Maintenance Is an Essential Service

HVAC system maintenance is one of the most important services we offer. It’s not a luxury service either: heating and air conditioning systems suffer in the short and long-term unless they have annual professional inspections and tune-ups.

We’ll focus on heating for the moment, since the season for running heaters is coming up. Here’s why annual maintenance for your furnace or other heating system is vital:

  • Safety: If you use a natural gas furnace, as many homes in the area do, you want to ensure it operates safely. Maintenance inspections check over the system to look for potential hazards, and the cleanings and adjustments will keep the furnace running safely through the winter.
  • Better efficiency: Your heater should run at the same efficiency level through most of its service life. However, its efficiency will decline early and rapidly if allowed to wear down without maintenance. You save money each year on energy bills when your heater is maintained.
  • Eliminate the majority of repairs: Most repairs a heater may need during its service life are preventable with regular maintenance—up to 80% of them in fact! That’s a substantial difference when you have your heater maintained each year, saving you money and time.
  • Prevent breakdowns: A heater that’s gotten a professional tune-up before the winter starts will have a much smaller chance of breaking down during the season. You won’t have to worry about getting trapped on a cold day with a failed heater, scrambling to get expensive emergency repairs.
  • Extend equipment life: A heating system may only make it to half its estimated service life without maintenance. A regularly maintained heater can easily reach the upper range of its service life and delay an expensive replacement.
  • Protect the warranty: The manufacture’s warranty may be voided if the system doesn’t have professional maintenance. You don’t want to risk losing this important consumer protection.

The Energy Savings Agreement

We hope we’ve convinced you that arranging for maintenance service is the best thing you can do for your HVAC system. We have the program to simplify it all: sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement and you’ll not only have HVAC maintenance benefits, but you’ll also receive special membership benefits as well.

You can rely on Premier Heating & Air to take care of your home comfort with our HVAC services. Call today to sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement.

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