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Want to Avoid a Malfunctioning Heater This Winter? Schedule Maintenance Now!


We know you’re probably busy with October festivities and the excitement of fall. You don’t want to think about winter weather just yet. 

But fall is the ideal time to take care of several winter preparations—and one of the most important is having your heating system professionally maintained. Regular maintenance does a lot of great things for your heating system, and one of the most important is that it eliminates the need for most heater repair in Covington, GA. You don’t want your valuable time in your home during the winter interrupted by a malfunctioning heater.

Below, we’re going to look at how maintenance will make your life easier (and less costly) this coming winter. Once you’re ready to go, contact our team to schedule your all-important maintenance appointment. Our Energy Savings Agreement makes maintenance even more beneficial than it already is!

1. Preventing Malfunctions

This is an odd analogy, but stay with us. Imagine your heater as a stand-up comedian. It’s got the potential to make you laugh—or, in this case, keep you warm. However, any good comedian needs to practice their material to keep their timing going, make sure the jokes land. A comedian can’t just stand up and read some jokes and expect anything to happen. In fact, the comedian can expect the worst: to bomb.

And that’s what your heater may do if it doesn’t get the maintenance to ensure it’s jokes land, i.e. deliver the heating you need. Maintenance tightens up all the loose parts, oils the machinery, makes sure everything is working the way it should so there are no uncomfortable pauses in its performance that will leave its audience, well, cold. 

2. Extending Service Life

All heating systems have a lifespan, after which they need to retire to the recycling yard. You want to put off that retirement for as long as possible so you get the best return on your original investment in the heater. Scheduling regular maintenance is similar to getting your heater a regular doctor’s appointment to ensure that it continues to work in peak condition year after year. 

Maintenance rejuvenates a heater and will extend its service life. Without maintenance, you can expect the heater to age faster and need replacement many years earlier. Maybe at half its expected retirement age.

3. Improve Efficiency

Preventing repairs and keeping a heater from failing too early has another benefit: it means the heater will run smoother and easier. As a heater ages, it will need to work harder to do its same job. That will translate into higher heating bills, getting higher year after year, until you’re paying 25% more for your home heating than you should. 

You can eliminate all that energy waste when you keep up with maintenance. Rather than losing an average of 5% efficiency each year, your heater will only lose 5% of its efficiency over most of its service life. That adds up to a lot of energy saved.

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