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What to Do About Uneven Heating in Your Commercial Property


Commercial spaces present big challenges when it comes to heating and cooling them. Even smaller commercial facilities are larger than the average-sized home and have far more people in them. Businesses often contain large, heat-creating equipment and have special climate requirements. For example, server rooms need to have specialized cooling and ventilation to prevent computer equipment from overheating.

One of the major challenges for commercial heating is ensuring proper heat distribution. A home may be able to get away with a few rooms that are colder than the others, but this isn’t something that should occur in a commercial space (unless by specific design, such as in a server room). If you begin to hear complaints about cold spots in your commercial business from employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc., it’s something you’ll want fixed. We’ll look at the ways our professionals can help improve your commercial heating in Covington, GA when it’s uneven.

Upgrading and replacing equipment

Uneven heating often warns that a piece of heating equipment is wearing down toward the point of failure. When heating capacity starts to decline, the first indications of the problem are often cold spots. If you have heating systems that are more than 15 years old, we strongly recommend you have a commercial HVAC professional check out the equipment to see if it’s time to upgrade to newer equipment.

Air balancing

Air balancing is a method to test a heating system to see if it has poor airflow. Uneven heating is often due to imbalanced airflow which means certain parts of a building aren’t receiving enough flow of warm air from the heating system. There are several sources of imbalanced airflow, including faulty blower fans, poor ductwork design, leaky air ducts, and clogged air filters. Our technicians will identify the problem and help to restore the proper air balance to your business.

Adding zone controls

Zone controls allow you to divide up your commercial property into different climate zones that can be controlled separately from one another. Large commercial properties usually already have some level of zoning, and faulty zone controls can account for uneven distribution of heating and cooling. If your business doesn’t have zone controls, adding them can not only help eliminate obstinate hot and cold spots, but they will also reduce energy consumption. 

Repairing the ductwork

Uneven heating may not be due to a problem in the heating system itself but in the ductwork. Leaking air ducts are a major source of lost energy in HVAC systems, and they also create cold spots in buildings because of all the heated air that doesn’t end up making it to its destination. Our technicians can test the ductwork for your facility and determine if you have air leaks. If we do discover leaks, we’ll use special equipment to seal them up and restore their airtight condition.

If you don’t have any idea why you’ve got uneven heating in your facility, you can trust our specialists to locate the problem and have it fixed.

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