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Winter Planning: Is It Time to Get a New Gas Furnace?


The fall weather here in Conyers is often lovely, and it’s easy to understand why this is many people’s favorite time of year. But the slight chill in the air that can feel so soothing is also a warning sign of the approaching winter weather. This is the best time of the year to schedule important services for your home’s heating system, such as annual maintenance. 

But maintenance won’t do the job of keeping a heating system going forever. This fall, you may face the question of whether you need to replace your gas furnace with a new one. This is often a tricky question to answer: installing a new furnace is a major investment, and you don’t want to move hastily if it’s not necessary. We are here to help. Below we’ve listed guidelines to help you understand if your furnace is at the replacement point.

Consider the age of the furnace

Modern gas furnaces can last about 15 years if they receive routine maintenance. (Lack of maintenance will remove several years, and may even chop the lifespan in half.) Furnaces can work for longer, but once they’re over 15 years old, the chance of a steep decline in efficiency and effectiveness becomes bigger. There’s also a greater chance of the furnace developing safety concerns due to corrosion and other deteriorating forces. We strongly advise replacing a gas furnace after 15 years. 

The cost of running the furnace has risen

Check over your winter gas bills for the past few years to see if you notice a pattern of rising costs. If this rise isn’t connected to an increase in the price of gas or greater use, then it’s often a warning that the furnace is in a permanent decline. A gas furnace can keep around 95% of its energy efficiency for most of its life, only starting to decline in the final two years. So if you see costs rising, it probably means the furnace is in those last years. Getting a new furnace means you’ll start saving money right away. 

The furnace unevenly heats the house

One of the major warnings of a dying furnace is when it can no longer evenly distribute heat throughout a house. If you have family members complaining that their rooms are colder than normal, you could have a furnace losing its heating capacity. When you start pushing the thermostat up higher to try to get the level of heat you once took for granted, the furnace is probably on its way out. 

The furnace requires too many/too expensive repairs

Gas furnace repair shouldn’t be an annual tradition in your home! Nor should furnace repairs cost more than half the price of replacing the furnace. When repairs become frequent and expensive, you’re throwing away money that could go to a replacement system that won’t put so much pressure on your time or bank account. 

We’re local pros when it comes to heating installation in Conyers, GA, and we can provide the expert assistance you need to make a final choice about your gas furnace’s future. We always offer honest answers because your comfort and safety come first with us. 

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