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Your Ducts May Need to Be Sealed Before Winter


Have you prepared your home heating system for winter? It’s not difficult to do—you only have to call a McDonough, GA, HVAC contractor to arrange for heating maintenance. We recently wrote about our excellent HVAC maintenance program and its benefits. It’s the best place to start for better and more energy-efficient comfort for your home this coming winter. 

This isn’t the only task your friendly local HVAC contractor can help you with for winter preparations. You may not realize it, but the ductwork in your house might have holes and gaps letting air escape from them. Leaky air ducts are a major problem for any home, but professionals can fix them with duct sealing services. If your house has leaky air ducts, we strongly recommend you schedule duct sealing before winter weather arrives.

How to Tell You Have Leaky Ducts

You probably aren’t certain that you have leaks in the ductwork because you can’t see most of the ducts. However, there are warning signs to watch for:

  • Rising energy bills: The cost to both heat and cool a house will rise steeply because of all the air escaping from the leaking ducts. It can be up to 30% of the air in the ventilation system. Because the AC or heater must work to replace this lost air, it will raise the cost of home comfort.
  • Musty and moldy smells: Holes in the ventilation system will draw air from spots such as the attic and between the walls. This will create damp, musty, and moldy odors in the air coming from the vents.
  • Low airflow from vents: When holes rupture the integrity of the ductwork, air pressure in the ventilation system drops. You’ll notice that the air coming from the vents feels weaker than usual. 
  • Uneven heating: The loss of air pressure and the heated air escaping before it gets to some of the rooms will result in poor distribution of comfort around the house. You’ll find cold spots where you weren’t used to finding them before.
  • Rattling and shaking ducts: Damage to the ductwork will often cause rattling and other noises.

The Sure Thing: Schedule Duct Testing

The most certain way to know if you have leaky air ducts is to call our technicians to schedule duct testing. We use advanced equipment to seal the ventilation system and then increase the pressure in it and measure how fast it drops. This will tell us if you have leaks and how bad the leaks are. We can approach fixing the problem from there.

Duct Sealing

Once we know you have air duct leaks, we’ll use special equipment to seal the ductwork so it’s airtight again. We use special sealants and metallic tapes to create permanent seals along the ducts—the kind of seal that store-bought duct tape can’t create. Once we’ve sealed the ducts, we’ll test them again to ensure that we’ve gotten the job done. You can then enjoy a winter where the ventilation system works for you, not against you.

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