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How You Benefit From Regular Duct Cleaning


You probably feel like you’ve always got a million things to take care of. Adding one more task into your personal in-box is not something you want to deal with. So when we recommend that you schedule routine duct cleaning in McDonough, GA for your home, you’ll feel tempted to push it off.

We’re not advising that you have duct cleaning done every year. This isn’t a burdensome commitment, and our team does all the hard work. You only have to contact us to arrange for us to come to your house for a few hours to do the job.

We understand that you’ll want to know the “why” of the job. Is it really beneficial to you and your household to have the ducts cleaned every three to five years? The answer is “yes,” and we’ll to explain why below.

Improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system

You can’t easily see the interior of your ducts, so it’s hard to appreciate just how dusty and dirty they get over time. It only takes a year for a thin layer of dust to collect on the ductwork walls, and after three to five years the buildup is significant. This buildup creates air resistance for the HVAC system, forcing the blower to work harder and draining more energy. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in several years, you’ll probably see a noticeable difference in your energy bills after you’ve had the job done. 

Extend the service life of your HVAC equipment

Any extra strain placed on your heating and cooling system ages it faster. With dirty ducts, whether your HVAC system is cooling or warming your house, it will expend more energy to do so, and that will shorten its service life (even with the best maintenance). That’s not the only way dirty ductwork lowers the service life expectancy of HVAC equipment—all that excess dust, lint, and other debris can get into the cabinet and damage components, causing additional repairs and possibly an early replacement.

Improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

Here’s a startling fact: the ventilation system in the average 6-person home circulates 40 pounds of dust each year. A great deal of this dust becomes trapped in the ductwork, creating a reservoir for the airborne contaminants (including dust mites and even mold) that you can’t get rid of with normal cleaning methods. A thorough duct cleaning will remove a major source of indoor air pollutants—and your house will be less dusty as well!

“What if I want to clean the ducts myself?”

If you’re someone who truly doesn’t mind doing some extra work if it means saving money, you might have considered taking on duct cleaning as a DIY job. However, this isn’t work you can do yourself. Dusting off the vent covers or pushing a long-handled broom or vacuum hose into the ducts won’t do the job. Full duct cleaning requires specialized equipment that can reach the entirety of the ventilation system and agitate dust and debris from the walls. 

You can depend on our experts to give your ducts the thorough cleaning necessary to benefit your household. Reach out to us today for an appointment. 

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