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How Your Ductwork Can Become Leaky


You would never set sail on the ocean, or even a small river or lake, with a leaky boat. But plenty of homeowners are content to run their heating and cooling systems with leaky ducts. They often don’t realize that they have ducts with leaks, but even if they do know, they may shrug it off as not that big a deal.

Although leaky ducts won’t put your life at risk the way a leaky boat would, it’s still not a good situation. When ducts develop air leaks, they cause several problems for a home:

  • A rise in heating and cooling costs because of all the air that’s getting away
  • Poor comfort, with hot and cold spots appearing around the house and poor airflow from the vents
  • Dust and other unwanted particles getting into the the ductwork and then into the living spaces

The best way to counteract this problem is to arrange for professional duct sealing in Riverdale, GA with our team. We’ll use our training and the best tools available to make your ducts airtight once again.

“How Did My Ducts Become Leaky in the First Place?”

Good question—and we know exactly why you’re asking it. You can’t see most of the ductwork in your house since it’s hidden behind the walls and in the attic, you might imagine there’s nothing to harm it. But there are plenty of ways ducts can develop leaks over time.

  • Poor design: Ducts often suffer from poor design and shoddy installation. A new house may look pristine and well thought out, but the ductwork rarely receives such careful consideration. Ducts with poor designs will have higher internal air pressure because of extra bends and turns or stretches of ductwork that are too small. This increased air pressure makes it easy for holes to open up. Inferior supports can cause sections to sag and tear open at joints and seams.
  • Blocked vents: Another way to increase the air pressure inside the ventilation system is to block the room vents. People sometimes do this accidentally when moving furniture or rugs. Or they might purposely do it because they think it saves energy by keeping heated air from reaching the room. But all it actually does is raise the pressure in the ductwork and make it easier for leaks to start.
  • Construction damage: A project like a room remodel or room addition can lead to accidental duct damage during construction. 
  • Corrosion: High humidity inside ductwork—a common issue in our Georgia climate—will lead to corrosion that weakens metal stretches of ducts.
  • Animal damage: The damp and dark interior of ductwork makes it an appealing place for insects, rodents, and other vermin to use as nests. Along with other irritations, animals can easily inflict extensive damage to the ducts that create air leaks.

You don’t have to put up with leaky air ducts and the problems they cause. We’re here to help! We can test your ducts to see if they are leaking. If they do, we’ll find the best solution to restore them. 

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