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‘Tis the Season to Schedule Duct Cleaning!



We know that telling you it’s a festive season to have your ducts cleaned may not jolt you with joyous holiday feelings. However, we hope to change that by the end of this post. Or at least convince you that having duct cleaning in Covington, GA is a good gift to yourself and your family.

Ducts need routine cleaning

Duct cleaning isn’t a job that you need to have done every year. But if you’ve never had duct cleaning done (and many people aren’t even aware it’s necessary), then you’re probably overdue. It only takes a year of operation for the ductwork in an HVAC system to accumulate a thin dust layer, and after three to five years that build-up will be significant enough to warrant calling professionals for a complete duct cleaning.

Why duct cleaning is beneficial

So why have your ducts cleaned at all? It’s easy to imagine that this job isn’t that important because you can’t see the dirty ductwork, and that makes it feel much less urgent. But duct cleaning provides a “fresh start” for your HVAC system that can make a major difference in your home. Here are the major benefits of regular duct cleaning:

  • Better energy efficiency: A build-up of dust, lint, and other debris along the walls of ducts creates air resistance against the blower fan for the heater and air conditioner. This will cause the HVAC system to lose energy efficiency and cost more to run, whether you’re cooling your home, heating it, or just running the fan to circulate air. With clean ducts, your energy bills will go down.
  • A healthier HVAC system: All the debris that can collect in the ducts can also harm the HVAC system. The extra strain from air resistance will cause parts to wear down faster. Plus, it becomes more likely for debris to get into the heater and AC and inflict damage to parts, such as coating the motors in dust. 
  • Healthier indoor air: Dirty ducts are a reservoir for numerous contaminants that will continue to circulate through your house. Each time the blower comes on, it will send out a blast of dust and other airborne pollutants. Cleaner ducts result in cleaner air for everyone.

How you can tell that you need duct cleaning?

If you’re uncertain about whether your ducts need cleaning yet or not, there’s a simple way to check. Go to one of the supply air vents in your house and remove its cover. Reach inside the vent opening with a smartphone or a digital camera and take a flash picture of the duct interior. If the image you see looks like a clogged air filter, then your ducts need cleaning. 

This is a job for professionals

You might wonder if it’s possible to clean the ducts yourself. Maybe open up the vent registers and push in the hose of a vacuum cleaner? Unfortunately, this won’t do the job. Duct cleaning requires special equipment, such as high-pressure vacuum systems and rotary brushes that allow technicians to reach every part of the ventilation system. You can depend on our technicians to get the job done right.

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