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When Should I Schedule Duct Testing?

Right now!

Okay, maybe we jumped the gun there—but we usually find that when people wonder if they need to have some service done on their ductwork, they need to have duct testing. In other words, if you think something is wrong with your ducts, something probably is. 

We can give you a more detailed breakdown on when to schedule duct testing and why. Just follow us below.

The Purpose of Duct Testing

Why have your home’s ducts tested in the first place? It’s to determine the integrity of the ducts and determine if they retain an airtight seal. Ductwork is designed to be airtight from where it leaves the HVAC cabinet to the point where it reaches the various vents around the house. This is how the ducts maintain air pressure and allow for the proper circulation of air through a building. Small leaks break the seal and lead to a drop in air pressure, and this creates numerous problems:

  • Decline in heating and cooling
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Rise in energy costs
  • Increase in dust and other debris inside the ducts

If the integrity of ductwork is compromised, it must be repaired with sealing and/or duct replacement. Duct testing determines if the ducts have lost integrity so technicians can start the process of fixing them.

Test the Ducts When You Suspect Problems

The first time to schedule duct testing is when you believe the integrity of your home’s ductwork has compromised. There are several signs that will warn you, some of which we already listed: a rise in heating and cooling bills, hot and cold spots, and low airflow from the vents. You might also hear rattling and clanking sounds from the ducts that you’ve never heard before. These problems may come from other parts of the HVAC system, but calling for Conyers, GA, HVAC services will find out what’s wrong so technicians can remedy it.

Test the Ducts Regularly

If you don’t experience any noticeable signs of trouble, we still recommend having duct testing done every five years. This is a good preventive step that will catch problems early so they can be fixed when still small. If you’ve lived in your current home for five years or more, then we’ll repeat our advice from the top of this post: schedule duct testing right now!

Duct Sealing and Repairs

If you arrange for duct testing with our team and we find that your ductwork has air leaks, the next step is to seal the ducts. Homeowners sometimes assume this is a DIY task—after all, what is duct tape for if not for ducts? 

Yeah, about that … duct tape is good for almost everything except ducts. The name is an old error, as it was originally called duck tape because it was made from duck cloth. You can’t use duct tape or any other commercially available product to seal ducts. It takes professionals with special tools to do the job. Don’t worry, we’ll have it all taken care of! 

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