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Central Air Conditioners in Conyers, GA

The standard way to provide cool indoor conditions to a home in summer is with a central air conditioner. Any service for a central AC, whether it’s regular central AC maintenance or a central AC repair, needs to be left to trained and certified professionals. 

The contractor you can trust with all types of central air conditioners, including new inverter AC units and other energy-saving systems, is Premier Heating & Air, a Lennox Centurion Award Winner. We’re family-owned and operated, and our technicians are EPA-certified. We back up each new central AC installation with a one-year satisfaction guarantee—if you’re not satisfied within a year, we’ll replace it. 

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Central AC Installation

A central air conditioner isn’t a plug-and-play comfort system. You can’t buy one off the shelf and snap it into place. The installation process must be done accurately, or the air conditioner will experience poor performance for the rest of its service life. And it will be a shortened service life at that.

You can feel assured you’ll have the best in a central AC installation when you hire our HVAC team. We’re all professionals and we take customer service extremely seriously. It’s why we welcome complaints: we always want to know how we can do a better job. When you work with us to install a new AC, we’ll carefully size the system to see that the air conditioner performs exactly how you need it to, with no energy waste. We offer professional air conditioning installation servics in Conyers, including whole home central AC systems. 

Central AC Replacement

If your home has an old central air conditioner in it, it may need to be replaced in the near future. This doesn’t need to be a terrible hassle for you, because our technicians will make it fast and easy. You can call us when you suspect that your air conditioner is beginning to fail or if it costs too much to run; our experts will analyze the AC and help you make the best decision when it comes to replacing it.

We recommend upgrading to a higher efficiency unit, such as an inverter air conditioner. We’re proud to install the best in inverter AC technology for improved comfort and significantly reduced energy consumption.

Central AC Repair

When you need fast central AC repairs in Conyers, we’ve got you covered. We understand that the hot summers in Conyers, GA can put a lot of stress on an air conditioner. At times, you may need the rescue aid of an professional HVAC technician. We also offer free second opinions on major repairs.

Nobody likes having to repair their AC system, which is why we have a special Energy Savings Agreement that delivers regular central AC maintenance. This reduces the number of future repairs, extends equipment life, makes breakdowns less likely, and helps your cooling system run at its maximum efficiency.

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