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Heating Repair in Conyers, GA

You probably think of a broken air conditioner during summer as one the worst comfort disasters your house may face. But a broken heater in winter is a problem as well. If you searched for “heating system repair near me” and landed on this page, then you’re already a long way toward getting the best of “heating repairs near me”—and that’s heating repairs from Premier Heating & Air!

What makes us different among other heating contractors serving South Metro Atlanta and Conyers, GA? We’re family-owned and focused on delivering complete customer satisfaction. We offer free second opinions on major repairs. Our technicians are EPA-certified. And we actually encourage complaints, because they help us to do the best job possible. If you’re not satisfied, pick up the phone and we’ll make it right.

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Furnace Repairs

The most common heating system in the Conyers, GA area is the furnace. When you call us for heating repair work, it’s probably to fix something wrong with a furnace. Calling us is the right instinct, because you never want to entrust furnace service to anyone who isn’t fully licensed to do the job. This is especially true for natural gas furnaces, which can become safety hazards if they’re incorrectly repaired or tampered with.

You can trust our technicians to handle repairs for your gas or electric furnace and get the job done right. If we don’t do it right, call and we’ll correct whatever was done wrong.

Boiler Repairs

The boiler still has an important role as a residential heating system, and many homes in the area rely on their radiant heating power. Boilers tend to need fewer repairs than furnaces and heat pumps, but they can never be 100% free from malfunctions.

As with furnaces, boiler repairs are for licensed HVAC technicians only. You don’t want to fiddle around with the system that might overheat or start to leak if mistakes are made. We’ll be there with the same-day service you need.

Heat Pump Repairs

Although heat pumps don’t use natural gas to run—they’re entirely electrical, just like air conditioners—that doesn’t mean they’re easy to repair. Quite the opposite. When you notice a heat pump that isn’t keeping up with your temperature needs, or which is making bizarre noises, or won’t switch from its cooling mode, reach out to us. We have technicians who can get any heat pump problem fixed fast and fixed correctly so you won’t have to worry about the malfunction coming back in a few days.

Ductless Heating Repairs

We are proud to install the best in ductless heating and air conditioning systems for our customers in Conyers, GA and throughout South Metro Atlanta. And we’ll be there when any of our customers need their ductless heating repairs fixed.

Premier Heating & Air strives to make all our services prompt and professional because we put a great value on customer loyalty. It makes us stand out among our competitors, and it also helps us build a community of trust. Make us your first choice for household comfort.

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