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Insulation Services in Conyers, GA

Improving home performance—making a home more energy efficient overall—can involve many different tasks. Perhaps the most common improvement is installing and replacing the insulation in the walls and attic. Insulation slows down heat loss and heat gain, and the impact it makes on energy use for a house, as well as comfort for the people in it, can be tremendous.

Our experts at Premier Heating & Air handle many home performance services, starting with doing energy audits for houses in Conyers, GA and South Metro Atlanta. If you schedule an audit and we find you need insulation installation or insulation replacement, you can depend on us for this service. We install fiberglass insulation and blown-in insulation, and we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Put your trust in a family-owned business with a history of quality and dependability.

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People often make the mistake of thinking insulation is only something for cold weather. But insulation is vital for both the heat and the cold. What insulation does is slow down the transfer of heat through it. During a cool winter evening, a well-insulated house traps most of the heat from the HVAC system indoors. When the hot summer weather peaks, insulation prevents most heat from getting inside, which makes the air conditioner’s job far easier. Effective insulation is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency.

One place in homes where we find poor insulation is the attic, which is a critical place for insulation. Heat escapes through the attic in winter, and it gains a tremendous amount of heat during the summer from rooftop sunlight exposure. We recommend having our technicians see if your attic needs more fiberglass insulation or other improvements.

Insulation Installation

Putting in more insulation for a house doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you have trained home performance experts on the job. We use different types of insulation to ensure the best coverage.

For example, blown-in insulation is a type of insulation that can be used to fill in the interior of walls without having to tear open large sections. Blown-in insulation installation is also effective for sealing areas that are difficult for fiberglass insulation batts to fit, such as corners of the attic. But we also work with traditional fiberglass insulation to help provide full attic coverage. We’ll make sure you have the right insulation type of the right strength (R-value).

Insulation Replacement

Age, humidity, and vermin can all cause damage to insulation and make it less effective. Water damage is especially harmful, as it ruins the insulation’s ability to slow down heat transfer. Call Premier Heating & Air when you notice your house is draftier or stuffier than usual, and we can see if you need insulation replacement. We can also discover this as part of an energy audit.

We’ve proudly served Conyers, GA and the surrounding areas since 2001. Our combination of unparalleled customer service, quality work, and competitive pricing is what keeps customers coming back to us year after year. If you’re ever unsatisfied, tell us and we’ll make up for wherever we fell behind.

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