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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Conyers, GA

If your house has a central HVAC system, it has an air filter on it. This filter is not in place to help improve indoor air quality. You need special air filters or an air filtration system to remove the unwanted particles circulating around your house. You may also need a special whole-home air purification system, such as a UV air purifier/UV germicidal light.

Don’t worry if you already feel a bit confused with these options. You have Premier Heating & Air to handle selecting the air purifier, air filters, or other IAQ system to help your home enjoy cleaner, healthier air. We’ve been family-owned since we started serving Conyers, GA and South Metro Atlanta almost 20 years ago, and we provide unparalleled customer service, competitive prices, and overall value. We promise service today, or you don’t pay!

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Air Filtration Installation

As we mentioned, the air filter on your furnace and AC isn’t helping with better air quality. Special types of air filters need to be installed to do this job. Our certified technicians handle air filtration system installation for homes, and you can trust that they’ll match your HVAC system with the right types of air filters.

It’s vital to leave this job to the pros, because air filters come in a range of strengths, and putting the wrong strength filter into your HVAC system can create major problems. A filter that’s too weak won’t do the job you need. One that’s too strong will harm airflow and damage the HVAC system. Leave the work to us, and we promise you’ll be satisfied.

Air Purification System Installation

Air purifiers are electronic devices that pull smaller particles from the air. They’re helpful at trapping the contaminants that may slip through a standard air filter. We install a range of air purifier types. One unit we often recommend is the UV air purifier, a.k.a. a UV germicidal light purifier.

This whole-home air purifier uses ultraviolet radiation to destroy organic pollutants such as mold spores, bacteria, germs, and microbes. Consult with our IAQ experts and they’ll find the ideal type of purifier to work with your air filters.

Air Filtration Repair

Filters and purifiers may need repairs after a few years, especially if an HVAC system runs on a regular basis through the summer, as they often do in Georgia. When you think your indoor air quality system is letting you down—by letting through too many contaminants or blocking too much airflow—reach out to us for air purifier and air filtration repair.

Air Filtration Replacement

Air filtration maintenance and repair won’t always keep an IAQ system working. We’re happy to help when you’re ready to have old filters and purifiers taken out and replaced with new ones. We’ll do the job right, or we’ll fix whatever we did wrong. That’s why we say we encourage complaints—we want to deliver the best work possible and listening to our customers is the best way to do it.

Premier Heating & Air has proudly served Conyers, GA and South Metro Atlanta since 2001. Schedule air filtration and air purifier service with us.

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